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So you’re thinking of starting facebook ads?

Facebook Advertising: You’ve read the guides, sort the best advice from the experts and had a good look around the ads manager. Your payment method is set up and you’re ready to start your Facebook Advertising journey. If this is you, then great! I wish you all the success possible, but bear in mind these points below;

Keep positive

So the guides and blogs you’ve read from people with experience say they are achieving cheap conversion, likes and clicks to their site, so naturally you are going to replicate these costs? News flash, you certainly won’t be in the first month or so. The mentality you need to take into any Facebook campaign, especially at the start, is test and learn. It’s a massive learning experience. Take in every piece of data possible, read into what it means and improve your campaigns.

Install the pixel

This quite simply is vital to your success. I am sure the guides have told you what the Facebook pixel is and its capabilities, but if they haven’t, here’s a great guide from Jon Loomer (the Lionel Messi of Facebook ads). Make sure you understand how to install it properly and if you can’t, get yourself a coder or developer to help you out. There are plenty available on Upwork if you don’t know one. Then make sure this is being used in your campaign!

Define an objective

Of course the majority take on Facebook ads to make a profit which is fine, but you can achieve other objectives too.  Brand building, content amplification, building a database, growing your organic audience and mobile app installs are just a few examples of what you can do. Make sure the objective is demonstrating you real business value or you will become frustrated and stop. There is value to be had, you just need to define and achieve it. Campaign options

Learn ads manager properly

You will learn as you go to an extent, but make sure you feel comfortable moving around ads manager at the very least. Get yourself used to the dashboard and the main functions. I’d recommend being familiar with Power Editor, Audience Insights, Audiences, Pixels, Automated Rules and Ad Account settings. Shameless plug: I can teach you ads manager and the functionality over a morning for £100 (one person), should take around 3 hours.

Check out the competition

Lets just say you are a local garage and you are looking to get inspiration for your campaign. Make sure you follow all the big garages such as Halfords, Formula 1 garages and so on as the chances are they’ll serve you an advert in your timeline. You can assume the bigger companies in your industry will have healthy budgets, so you’ll get an understanding of the different ads they are running. Check out the comments on the ads, creatives, copy, campaign type and customer offer (if applicable).

Keep/Get your digital house in order

If you have a poor website, Facebook ads aren’t going to solve this problem, no matter what you’re objective is. A quality website is so important even if you aren’t sending traffic directly to it, especially if you are trying to sell something. These ads should be the final piece the jigsaw to securing you digital success, not the foundations.

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