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Digital facts which make the mind boggle

Billions and Millions

2.3 billion = the number of active social media users (via we are social slide share) 60 billion = messages handled by Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger everyday (via The Guardian) 56 million = blog posts published on WordPress every month (via WordPress.com) 40 million = number of active small businesses on Facebook 1.3 billion = total number of twitter accounts (via Business Insider) 500 million = Tweets sent each day (via Internet Live Stats) 3.25 billion = hours of videos watched on Youtube every month (via Statistics Brain) 400 million = monthly active user of Instagram (via Instagram) 176 million = total number of Pinterest accounts (via Tech Crunch) 100 million = number of users who use Linked In on a monthly basis  


91% = percentage of retailers who have more than 2 social media accounts (via Ad Week) 78% = of those who register a complaint on twitter expect a tweet back within the hour (via Lithium) 55% = of internet users watch videos everyday (via Hubspot) 89.3% = of internet searches are via Google (via Statista) 72% = US adults visit Facebook one a month (via Pew Internet) 44% = Twitter accounts have never sent a tweet (via Slash Gear) 32% = US teens who say Instagram is their favourite social network (via Business Insider) 42% = percentage of internet users which are women and use Pinterest (via Pew Internet) 17% = of US small companies use Linked In (via E Marketer)  

Funky Facts

Ad revenue for social media networks generate $8.3 billion (2015, via Jeff Bullas) Those aged 28 or younger are more than twice as likely not to engage with branded content compared to those who are 55 and older (via Social Media Today) American adults spend 1 hour 16 mins (average) watching video on digital everyday (via E Marketer) Google has such a huge data centre it uses 0.01% of the worlds electricity (via Statistics Brain) Feel like you don’t have enough Facebook friends? The average number is 338 (via Pew Search) Youtube is accessible in 76 different languages (via Wikipedia) Pizza is the most popular food that has been shared on Instagram (via The Telegraph)  

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