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Useful marketing tools


A much loved part of our day to day efforts is Canva. This clever browser based programme allows you to create basic design and resize images very easily, for free. Design can often be the achilles heel for the small business owner, but with this programme you need not worry any longer. Check it out, its very self explanatory!


Perhaps more of a specific help compared with CanvaZapier allows you to connect two pieces of software which otherwise wouldn’t be able to talk to each other. If you aren’t overly tech savvy, you might want to consider asking someone who is for help with this but as an example; if you’re creating lead ads on Facebook and you want to send this data to automated sequence in Mailchimp, Zapier can facilitate this for you.


A tool at the ready for many SEO consultants, Majestic allows you to see what the trust and citation flow scores are for any website you’d like. These two benchmarks will help you build a picture of how well your site is performing from an SEO perspective. Simply type the site you want research into the main screen and away you go. It also explains what exactly trust and citation flow scores are if you aren’t too clued up on SEO.

Audience insights (Facebook)

For those of familiar with Facebook Ads, then you’ll know all about this clever tool which is available on all ad accounts regardless of spend level. Audience insights allows you to put in a broad interest category and it’ll show you how many people roughly have that interest, where they are from, what age range the fall into (and compare it to the rest of Facebook) as well as other useful information. So if you’ve ever wondered just how many people do have an interest in accounting or motorbikes or whatever it is on a very broad scale, this tool can point you in the right direction.

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