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Working From Home Community Tips

Working from it’s easy to to get distracted. Especially at this difficult time for us all.
With a tonne of advice floating around about working from home, we reached out to our friends, colleagues, clients and ask for their number 1 tip for keeping productive at home.

Cameron Lloyd – Bastion 
“Don’t eat your lunch at your desk. Take that time to step away from the screen, and eat whilst looking out a window. You’ll feel tonnes better for it when you go back to your desk afterwards.”

Hazel Buckthorpe – Kimble Communications 
“Spread your house jobs throughout the day to give you a break from the laptop!! Sounds silly but they become a well-needed break.”

Shafia Cullum – Kia Marketing 
“Write a to do list if you’ve got a million things in your head write them down and it feels good to cross them off as you do them.”

Jo Scott – Jo Scott Images 
“Walk the dog to take a break and don’t have the news alerts on!”

Stephen Thornton – Deerbridge Finance
“My number 1 tip for working from home is to put the radio on. I find it helps me to be connected to the outside world and makes me feel I’m not alone.”


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