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The problem often with the digital marketing is sheer number of Acronyms and it’s not always obvious to us within the industry just how full of jargon we can be. CPC, AOV, CPM UX… the list is endless. A quick whip around a clients office the other day shows that people do not understand the majority of the most commonly used acronyms in the digital marketing world – hence this blog post.

So buckle up, fetch the popcorn and cancel Netflix – here’s a list of the most commonly used acronyms in digital marketing.

AOV  Average order value
B2B Business to business
B2C Business to consumer
CLV Customer lifetime value
CMS Content management system
CPA Cost per acquisition / action
CPC Cost per click
CPL Cost per lead
CPM Cost per thousand impressions
CR Conversion rate
CRM Customer relationship management
CRO Conversion rate optimisation
CTR Click-through rate
DM Direct mail OR direct message
DR  Direct response
GA Google Analytics or very occasionally Google Adwords
LTV Lifetime value
MoM Month on month
PPC Pay per click
PPL Pay per lead
QS Quality score
ROI Return on investment
RTB Real time bidding
SaaS Software as a service
SEM Search engine marketing
SEO  Search engine optimisation
SERP Search engine results page
SMM Social media marketing
UV Unique visitor
UX User experience
YOY Year on year
YTD Year to date

Any you wish to add or have any question around the meaning of these little chestnuts, please reach.

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