Is Facebook advertising something you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t had the time to? Do you feel as though you don’t quite understand how it all works? 

The Ads and Business Managers can certainly be daunting for any newcomer to Facebook advertising, with lots of phrases and figures which don’t quite make sense at first. It can be time consuming to learn without the helping hand of someone with experience. Sure you can read the help guides from Facebook and they’ll get you to a point, but they don’t give you the full confidence that what you are doing is correct.

This is how I felt in 2012 when I first ever logged onto to the ads manager. I remember my boss at the time saying we need to be doing advertising and you’re the youngest so you do it! Somehow I placed my first advert after struggling to set up the payment method, and being quietly chuffed with myself. To cut a long story short, my advert didn’t even get approved and I had to change it countless times to get it passed the strict rules. From that day on, I have taught myself the entire platform (nearly!), listening to endless podcasts and how to guides from all the industry experts. I’ve worked in 3 jobs to which Facebook advertising was a main part and now, after starting RJH digital, I am running training courses for novices who want to get started.

What you’ll learn  

  • The theory behind Facebook and it’s advertising platform
  • All the major ads manager features, in a guided tour
  • Campaign, advert sets and adverts
  • How to set up a campaign – you’ll even run one for me
  • Best practice guides to building audiences, creatives and copy
  • Recommendations for your business goals and how Facebook adverts can help

So if you are new to Facebook advertising or have very little experience then I personally guarantee you will find a day useful.

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